• Classification of water damage possible on agricultural sites or in other applications

  • Multispectral tracing of raw materials / anomalies in a quarry

  • Light measurement: Each color displays another lux value

  • Thermal mapping (orthophoto): In one image, all anomalies are displayed

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  • Multispectral imagery & analysis: 'Smart Farming' data, identification of materials, ...
  • Geographic data and 3D-maps: volume calculation and stockpiling, surveys and facade scans, ...
  • Geographic orthomosaics, DSM / DTM: cartography in GIS
  • GIS classifications: raw materials to be detected, crop species, agriculture, ...
  • Thermal mapping & imagery: solar panel inspections, roofs, ...
  • Didex also processes external data of camera types and sensors not listed on this site
  • Thermal Camera Zenmuse XT2

    Thermal Camera Zenmuse XT2

    • Thermal camera
    • Resolution 640 x 512
    • Thermal mapping possible
    • Example ground resolution: 11,6 cm with a flying hight of 300 feet
    • Images are processed by our software into useful data: thermal maps
  • Multispectral Camera MicaSense RedEdge-P

    Multispectral Camera MicaSense RedEdge-P

    • Panchromatic sensor = twice the spatial resolution
    • 5 spectral bands: blue, green, red, rededge, nir
    • DLS 2 lightsensor for continuously calibrated images
    • Images are processed by our software into useful data: index maps